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Shenzhen Office Add:Room 505,Building A,Zhihuichuangxin Center, Qianjin 2nd Avenue,Baoan District,Shenzheng,Guangdong,P.R.C.
Factory Add:No.2.Shengshi Road.West of Industrial Park,De'an County.Jiangxi Province.P.R.C.


You are the position of:LAB EQUIPMENT
Lab Equipment exhibitionⅠ  Lab Equipment exhibitionⅡ  TEMP&HUMI chamber
 high temperature test chamber  Thermal shock test machine  Salt spray test  machine
Low temperature storage box Electromagnetic vertical vibration test rig Simulation of transport vibration test rig
Electrostatic tester TP Pen sliding Test Machine  TP Tapping Test Machine
 The two dimension Aging Housing High Power Microscope


Jiangxi GT DISPLAY Co., Ltd.  Contact phone number: (+86)0792一4661927

Address:No.2,Shengshi Road,West of Industrial Park,De'an County,Jiangxi Province,P.R.C. 备案号: