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Shenzhen Office Add:Room 505,Building A,Zhihuichuangxin Center, Qianjin 2nd Avenue,Baoan District,Shenzheng,Guangdong,P.R.C.
Factory Add:No.2.Shengshi Road.West of Industrial Park,De'an County.Jiangxi Province.P.R.C.


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       GT Display strong technical team, is the best customer technical consultants, we not only have many-year experience in manufacturing LCD modules, more rich design and development experience, can help customers to provide relevant technical support and consultation services

        In order to effectively resolve your problem, please fill in the following form, we will as soon as possible to deal with your problems, if there are other urgent issues, or the need for query processing in progress, please to E-mail: gtlcd@

       Please be sure to leave the basic information, so that customer service staff to contact you, thank you.


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Jiangxi GT DISPLAY Co., Ltd.  Contact phone number: (+86)0792一4661927

Address:No.2,Shengshi Road,West of Industrial Park,De'an County,Jiangxi Province,P.R.C. 备案号: